Security Starts With Knowing What to Protect

Security Starts With Knowing What to Protect

Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to hack into organizations. They hunt for vulnerabilities on websites, exposed data servers in the cloud, and systems that are connected directly to the Internet with little or no protection. Organizations need to understand their attack surface - all of the ways that their infrastructure is exposed and vulnerable to attack - and prioritize activities that can help make that attack surface smaller.

The risks presented by exposures on your attack surface are real:

  • Dozens of organizations have experienced breaches from database servers in the cloud (275 million Indian nationals, 3.4 million Panama nationals, and 600,000 Alaskan voters)
  • WannaCry and NotPetya caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages by exploiting public-facing SMBs (which should never be public-facing)
  • An RDP attack against LabCorp resulted in 7,000 systems and 1,900 servers infected

In this white paper, we'll explore what makes up an organization's attack surface, the major risk drivers and critical exposures, and how to regain control of your attack surface should you suffer an attack.

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