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Fraud-as-a-Service, Threat Intelligence in Action and Creating an Effective Defense

Fraud-as-a-Service, Threat Intelligence in Action and Creating an Effective Defense

As various batches of stolen credit card "dumps" are offered for sale with discount structures and money-back guarantees, it is clear just how sophisticated the Fraud Ecosystem has become. The fraudsters and their support teams have created well-organized forums offering a broad variety of products that constitute a feature-rich Fraud-as-a-Service network. With card-checker, identity, rent-a-hacker and phishing services, it's becoming increasingly simple to buy the data and services you need based on the type of fraud you wish to commit. It is clear we can't stick to the same old methods of building our defenses. We need to learn about our adversaries and adopt an adaptive approach to defense.

In this session, we will answer such questions as:

  • How is this underground economy structured and what types of fraud services are available?
  • How are we able to gather threat Intelligence about our adversaries and actively use it against them?
  • How can we adapt our cyber and fraud defenses to reflect what we have learned from this intelligence?

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